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How to Register Others

Instructions on How To Register Other Employees in Classes

If you would like to register other employees at your company or in your department, there is a buy for others feature. It is a simple process, whereby you login, add members to your group, and register those members in classes. Just follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Sign In to Your Own Account

If you already have an account in our system, the first step is for you to sign in as yourself. If you don’t yet have an account in the new system, click Create Account and enter your contact information, username, and password. We recommend that you use your email address for a username.

Step 2:  Choose My Account, Manage Members

After signing in, click on my My Account on the menu in the left-hand column..Then select the menu option,  Manage Members.

Step 3: Add New Members to Your Group

The Manage Members menu option takes you to the screen shown in the following illustration. Here is where you will add the employees that you want to register.CETC Add New Member Screeen





Click Add Member.  When the New Member Profile screen appears, enter the contact information. At the bottom of the form, you have a choice of entering a user name and password for this employee. If you would like to have the employee sign in and view their own registrations, transcripts, etc, then give them a user name and password. If you prefer to handle all aspects of their registrations, then leave the user name and password blank. You can also edit and change this later. Click Submit at the bottom of the screen when you are finished entering information for this member.

Continue to add as many members as you may want to register.

When your list is complete, select Course Search from the menu to the left, to go back to the main screen and choose your classes.

Step 4: Find Your Classes and Register Members of Your Group

At the Main Course Search screen, you have several options in finding your classes. Enter a Course Code or Course Topic in the Keywords field or click on one of the links in the Program Search to find the classes you need.

Once you have the class displayed on the screen, look to the lower right corner of the screen where you can select the name of the person attending the course. You will see a pick list of your members starting with your own name as shown in the following illustration.CETC Register Others Screen


Click on the arrows to the right to see all the names.  Select the name of the person who will be taking the class. Then click Add to Cart.

(You may also see a message, Need to register for someone else? Click Here.  Only click here if you need to add a new member to your group. Otherwise, select the member from your list.)

If you are done, click Checkout to complete your registration and pay. Otherwise, select continue shopping and choose more courses and employees for registration until you are ready to check out.

At any time, you can click on Cart at the top of the screen, to see a list of your pending registrations ready for checkout.

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please call us at 314-984-9000.