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CETC Registration Portal: Use one or more of the Course Search options below to find your class. In the Keyword field, enter a topic area such as Excel, SQL, SharePoint, InDesign, etc. Or if you know the course code, type the code in the Keyword field. The Keyword field searches course codes, titles, descriptions, and instructor names. You can also click on the area links in the Program Search column. You must sign in to add items to your cart. If this is your first time using this new registration system, you will need to create an account in order to sign in.

If you are creating a new account, we recommend that you use your email address as the username. If you have taken classes before at CETC and registered prior to Sept. 29, 2016, please call us at 314-984-9000, and we will link your prior classes to your account in the new registration system.