Course Category List

Business Intelligence

DA501 Introduction to Tableau
DA502 Intermediate Applications of Tableau
DA503 Advanced Applications of Tableau, Level 1
DA504 Advanced Applications of Tableau, Level 2
DA541 Introduction to R
DA542 Intermediate Applications of R
DA543 Advanced Applications of R
DB441 Introduction to Crystal Reports
DB442 Intermediate Applications of Crystal Reports
DB443 Advanced Applications of Crystal Reports
SP725 Introduction to Power BI
SP726 Intermediate Power BI


Business Applications Certificate Application
Data Analysis Certificate Application
Database Technology Certificate Application
Digital Graphics Certificate Application
Electronic Art & Publishing Certificate Application
Excel Certificate Application
Programming Certificate Application
SharePoint Certificate Application
Web Page Design Certificate Application
Web Programming and Databases Certificate Application
Web Scripting and Interactivity Certificate Application

Content Management Systems

WW377 Introduction to WordPress
WW378 Intermediate WordPress


CS450 Introduction to Relational Database Design using SQL Server
DB701 Introduction to Access 2013
DB702 Intermediate Applications of Access 2013
DB703 Advanced Topics in Access: Database Design 2013
DB705 Programming Applications of Access: Level 1
DB706 Programming Applications of Access: Level 2
DB707 Programming Applications of Access: Level 3
DB715 Advanced Applications of Access 2013

Desktop Publishing

DP441 Introduction to Desktop Publishing Using InDesign
DP442 Intermediate Applications of InDesign
DP443 Advanced Applications of InDesign
DP450 Design Principles for Desktop Publishing
DP701 Introduction to Publisher 2013
DP702 Intermediate Applications of Publisher 2013

Digital Imaging

IM401 Introduction to Image Editing Using Photoshop
IM402 Intermediate Applications of Photoshop
IM403 Advanced Applications of Photoshop

Digital Video

DG311 Introduction to Digital Editing Using Premiere Pro
DG312 Intermediate Applications of Premiere Pro
DG431 Introduction to After Effects

Document Management

DP790 Introduction to Adobe Acrobat DC
DP791 Intermediate Applications of Adobe Acrobat DC

Flow Chart and Diagram Tools

GR750 Introduction to Visio 2013
GR751 Intermediate Applications of Visio 2013

Graphic Design

AG401 Introduction to Computer Graphics With Illustrator
AG402 Intermediate Applications of Illustrator
AG403 Advanced Applications of Illustrator


DS596 Transitioning to Windows 10


TB521 Introduction to the iPad
TB523 Document Management on the iPad

Operating Systems

UN301 Introduction to UNIX
UN302 Intermediate Commands of UNIX


CS331 Fundamentals of SQL Using Oracle: Level 1
CS332 Fundamentals of SQL Using Oracle: Level 2

Presentation Graphics

GR701 Introduction to PowerPoint 2013
GR702 Intermediate Applications of PowerPoint 2013
GR703 Advanced Applications of PowerPoint 2013


PG301 Introduction to Programming Concepts


PG341 Introduction to Java Programming
PG342 Intermediate Java Programming
PG343 Advanced Java Programming
PG451 Introduction to Visual C# .NET Programming
PG452 Intermediate Visual C# .NET Programming
PG453 Advanced Topics in Visual C# .NET: Data Access
PG501 Introduction to APP Development in iOS
PG502 Intermediate APP Development in iOS
PG541 Introduction to Python Programming
PG542 Intermediate Python Programming
PG543 Advanced Python Programming: Data Analysis

Project Management

PM701 Introduction to Project 2013
PM702 Intermediate Applications of Project 2013


SP701 Introduction to Excel 2013
SP702 Intermediate Applications of Excel 2013
SP704 Advanced Applications of Excel 2013
SP705 Excel Formulas and Functions 2013
SP710 Excel Macros Using VBA 2013
SP711 Intermediate Excel VBA 2013
SP715 Excel PivotTables 2013
SP716 Intermediate Excel PivotTables 2013
SP718 Introduction to PowerPivot
SP719 Intermediate PowerPivot
SP721 Excel Data Manipulation 2013
SP722 Creating Charts with Excel 2013
SP801 Introduction to Excel 2016
SP802 Intermediate Applications of Excel 2016
SP804 Advanced Applications of Excel 2016

SQL/Data Analysis

CS301 Introduction to SQL
CS302 Intermediate Applications of SQL
CS303 Advanced Applications of SQL
CS305 SQL Programming, Level 1
CS306 SQL Programming, Level 2
CS318 Advanced SQL Queries, Level 1
CS319 Advanced SQL Queries, Level 2
CS408 Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services
CS409 Intermediate SQL Server Reporting Services
CS420 Advanced SQL Server Reporting Services
CS431 Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services
CS432 Intermediate SQL Server Integration Services
CS433 Advanced SQL Server Integration Services
CS435 Data Cleansing Using DQS and SSIS
CS610 Introduction to SQL Server System Administration
CS611 Intermediate SQL Server System Administration
CS612 Advanced SQL Server System Administration

Web Development

WW303 Introduction to HTML
WW304 Intermediate Applications of HTML
WW305 Advanced Applications of HTML
WW306 Introduction to CSS
WW307 Intermediate Applications of CSS
WW309 Advanced Applications of CSS

Windows Administration

DS580 Basic PowerShell Scripting
DS581 Introduction to PowerShell System Administration

Word Processing

WP801 Introduction to Word 2016
WP802 Intermediate Applications of Word 2016


WG721 Introduction to SharePoint 2013
WG722 Intermediate Applications of SharePoint 2013
WG723 Advanced Applications of SharePoint 2013
WG741 Introduction to SharePoint Designer 2013
WG821 Introduction to SharePoint 2016
WG822 Intermediate Applications of SharePoint 2016
WG823 Advanced Applications of SharePoint 2016
WG861 Introduction to Office 365/OneDrive